the recent work

Below are links to art and books produced since 2012. Earlier work may be seen at the art and the booksEarlier processes may be seen at the process.

My books may be purchased from Priscilla Juvelis, Vamp and Tramp, Abecedarian Gallery and The Kelmscott Bookstore. My artwork is available at 571 Projects, Stowe, Vermont and Landing Gallery, Rockland, Maine.

shared histories

Bits and pieces of past lives.



times past

Incorporating vintage ephemera, these collages are based on double page book-like spreads.




personal geographies

Using gridded surfaces, paintings, photographs and collaged ephemera, this series abstracts important events and places that are part of my personal geography.




The title of this body of work refers to the sunlight streaming through ivy covered leaded glass windows as it  references our separation from nature and the memory of times past.


artist books

A variety of recent artist books including a small piece designed to be worn as a necklace, a steeple clock turned into an homage to Emily Dickinson, a traveling suitcase with which to declare war and a portfolio of prints on a vintage pharmacy’s prescription records.



Information on some of my processes including mixed media, pigment prints, UV flatbed prints, transfer prints, emulsion transfer prints and lenticular prints.