Hanging Out

This miniature artifact was made in Florence, Italy from pieces of an old book on Michaelangelo. Held together with leather and a jeweled closure, it became a sculptured necklace — a wearable reminder of the journey. Paper pages toned with walnut ink, red leather, red jeweled paper fastener, rubber necklace. 8.8 x 5.7 x .6 cm.

Hanging Out was included in the 2015 Bind-O-Rama. devoted to the subject of BLOOKS, objects made in the emulation of books. It was inspired by Mindell Dubansky’s upcoming Grolier Club exhibition, “Blooks: The Art of Books That Aren’t” (January 28-March 12) in New York City. This first survey of book-shaped objects features the works she has collected through the years.