FL. is an artist’s book in 10 variable copies, on Arches 88 paper, signed by the artists, Dorothy Simpson Krause and Stephanie Wolff. Page size: 7” x 3.5”; 10pp. Bound: flutter book adhered at fore edge. Soft cover, with plant inclusion end papers and a wrapper of handmade paper.

Stephanie Wolff was the current Salzburg Artist in Residence at the Jaffe Center when she and Dorothy Krause, the first Resident, decided to collaborate on this ode to Florida. On the Center’s Vandercook 4 proof press they used wood type, a wood engraving and pressure plate printing with ink and blind embossing with a polymer plate map of the area. An assortment of vintage documents, maps, photographs and botanicals were inkjet transferred onto the pages, creating the variability of this edition. The colophon with a map of Florida was laser printed. Because of the binding structure, this book lends itself to being displayed as a sculptural object.