the process

This section provides information on some of the processes used in creating the art at the time it was created. Since products change they may be no longer available. Digital Art Studio: Techniques for combining inkjet printing with traditional art materials, by Karin Schminke, Bonny Lhotka and Dorothy Simpson Krause was published by Watson-Guptill in 2004. It contains information on some of these and additional experimental processes. Some of the events and activities where the art was made, shown or discussed can be seen at the Digital Atelier website. Use the links to manufacturers and distributors websites for specific product information.

    2012-13 Classes
Artist in Residence
Oceania Cruise Lines
2012 River of Grass
Artist in Residence
Jaffe Center for Book Arts

2010 Egypt
3 books and a series

2009 Losing Ground
digital and traditional

2008 Failed Rose
perfect binding with
PhotoBook Creator

2007 Black Gold
von Hess Visiting Artist
University of the Arts
tallman rome arms passages
2005 tallman
printing on lead

2005 Rome. 9 books
American Academy Visiting Artist

2005 Arms
dimensional flatbed printing

2004 Passages
dimensional flatbed printing
peninsula flatbed promisedland happyhome
2003 Sacred Spaces
photograph and painting

2002 Body + Soul
dimensional flatbed printing

2002 Promised Land
embedded lenticular

2001 HappyHome
emulsion transfer
portrait flint primordial preacherman
2000 Portrait
lenticular prints and pin

2000 Flint
custom substrate

1999 Primordial Fear
emulsion transfer, lenticular

1999 Preacherman
emulsion transfer
farmjournal trinityplace starsofhope lady_of_the_flowers
1998 Farm Journal
Littleton vitreography

1998 Trinity Place
8' x 80' outdoor mural

1998 Stars of Hope
digital print

1997 Lady of the Flowers
custom substrate
1997 Looking Back
digital transfer

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