the process:Herman Miller, Inc.
Corporate Client, Holland, MI, 1998

In the Fall of 1998, Dorothy Krause began work on a visual history of Herman Miller's corporate culture. A leading multinational provider of office furniture, furniture systems, and furniture management services since 1923, Herman Miller has been the source of major innovations in residential and office environments. The history will present a consistent visual progression, helping visitors and employees appreciate Herman Miller's current activity as it relates to the people and products of the past.
In the murals Krause combines images from the present, photographs from the past and conceptual schematics, drawings, notes and designs. One of her murals shows an interior image of the "Design Yard", Herman Miller's facility for design, engineering and testing new furniture ideas. It is overlayed with a photograph of five great designers of the 20th century who worked with Herman Miller; Robert Propst, Alexander Girard, George Nelson, D.J. De Pree, Herman Miller's founder, and Ray and Charles Eames. Other images focus on Herman Miller products.
AeronChair Chairs LittleHouse
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To show how the murals would look in place, Krause "installed" them into the Design Yard entry. Taking a photograph with the Olympus D-600L digital camera, she sized and placed murals on either side of the reception desk. Across the front of the counter a broadly smiling D. J. De Pree is shown against a long view of a corridor which stretches backward into history and forward into infinity. For a company building on such a distinguished past, the future looks large and bright.

Krause used an Intergraph Computer Extreme TDZ ViZual Workstations powered by dual 400MHz Pentium II processors with 1 GB or RAM and an 18GB RAID array to process the memory intensive imaging functions. The concepts and murals were printed with an Encad 60" 600E printer with Encad's Graphic Outdoor (GO) ink, using a 3M Cactus RIP, onto a variety of Encad, Rexam and Sentinel media. Epson's 11"x17" Expression 836XL Scanner and Olympus D-600L digital camera were used to capture images and to document the process. Calcomp's Creation Station Pro digitizing tablet was used as the input device.

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